Don Antonio Parisi

Direttore da oltre 25 anni dell’Ufficio Diocesano di Musica sacra della Diocesi di Bari-Bitonto.


Autore di circa 250 canti liturgici, tutti pubblicati presso le edizioni Paoline e diffusi in tutta Italia. Vengono eseguiti in alcune messe domenicali in TV ed anche in alcune celebrazioni del Papa nelle varie Diocesi italiane.


Di seguito vi sono pubblicati tutti i link (costantemente aggiornati) per poter conoscere e seguire Don Antonio Parisi:


https://www.donantonioparisi.it/ (sito ufficiale)


https://www.donantonioparisi.it/canti-settimana-santa/ (Canti Settimana Santa)


https://www.donantonioparisi.it/blog/ (Area Blog)


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcy3BCMdHupigXpcAnhu0RA (Canale YouTube)

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Fra Vincenzo

Friar of the Discalced Carmelite Order, currently a theology student, is preparing to follow Jesus forever.

Devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he is always happy to be able to help all those who wish to know the Lord.

Thanks to the simplicity that he transmits in his meditations, he always manages to touch the right chords.

His Instagram contact:



Elena Rita Bosco

Elena Rita Bosco, affiliated with the order of the Visitation of Santa Maria.

Active in the group of the Renewal in the Spirit, she is the promoter and disseminator of the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as requested by Jesus himself, to Margherita Maria Alacoque. Always ready to help, explain and share everything she knows, in the full evangelical spirit of her vocation.

Your contacts:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC155ogipWhP5qjScZQcNzOg (YouTube channel)

@ordovisitationis (Instagram)


Trionfo del Sacro Cuore di Gesù

The purpose of the Instagram page, the yuotube channel and the Twitter profile "Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus" is to continue to spread the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as requested by our Lord (I ^ revelation 27.2.1673) to Santa Margherita Maria Alacoque: "My Divine HEART is so passionate about love for men that, unable to contain the flames of its ardent Love, it feels the need to spread them through you and to manifest itself to men to enrich them with precious treasures ... "

Your contacts:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU9mhN1Y6a08285VTQX9_jQ   (Youtube channel)

@trionfodel_s_cuoredigesu_ (Instagram)


Nicola Righele

Nicola Righele, professor of religion and eternal scholar of theology (you never stop learning!). A layman, married, he is dedicated above all to making the richness of the Scriptures known as much as possible, through articles, lectures, meetings and social networks.

His Instagram contact:

@nicola_righele (Instagram)


Don Vincenzo Marinelli

Don Vincenzo Marinelli
Author of short comments on the daily Gospel. Since 2014 it has given life to " The Good News " a service that allows all those who, despite the frenzy of everyday life, do not want to give up the encounter with the word of God and those who have the desire to understand how the Gospel speaks to the heart , to their life.

Your contacts:

@labuonanovellavangelo (Facebook)

@good_novella_gospel_comment (Instagram)


https://t.me/labuonanovella (Telegram)


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